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Everyday SMSF

Everyday SMSF is your complete superannuation solution whether you are just starting out in life, well on your way to building your financial freedom, or managing your wealth in retirement.

Everyday SMSF can be tailored to suit your needs, regardless of your investment choices.

You may want a simple investment platform, being more concerned about whether you have the right safety nets in place to ensure that you do not erode your assets. If this is you we have a low cost options starting from as little as $150 per month*.

On the other hand you may want something a bit more complex, which can be used to really make your super grow such as SMSF Borrowing.

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Our team of specialist advisers has you covered and will work with you every step of the way.

What does a low cost Everyday SMSF include?

Using one of Australia’s best SMSF cloud programs, Everyday SMSF provides you with a member login to your own Superstream compliant Self-Managed Superannuation Fund which can be set up to provide you with real time account balances.

Not only that, Everyday SMSF includes all trustee required documentation and reporting:

• Annual Financial Statements
• Tax Returns preparation and lodgement
• Annual Audit
• At least one meeting per year to discuss the progress of your super

If you want to know more about Everyday SMSF, contact us today on 02 4942 0280.

* Conditions apply