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Why an SMSF?

For many people a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) is their first step to financial freedom because an SMSF provides choice and flexibility. At Specialist SMSF Solutions we understand that people at every stage of their lives want tailored options that meet their specific goals, and more often than not an SMSF forms part of a well-considered financial plan.

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An SMSF can be as easy or as complex as you want it to be, for many people SMSF choice is simply about control. They are just not happy leaving their financial freedom in the hands of someone they don’t know, in a pool of investments that they have little or no say in.

With an SMSF you are in the drivers seat, you control what you invest in, when you invest, and how much you invest.

Choice also allows you to control cost, as an example most managed investments including a broker share portfolio services include costs other simple transaction fees, typically a percentage of the amount invested.In your SMSF you could choose to set up a an online share trading platform and do your own trades.


An SMSF provides a broad range of investment opportunities just like industry and retail funds, but an SMSF can also provide you with an opportunity for direct asset ownership including residential and commercial property.

An SMSF also provides you with a number of pension options including Lump Sums, Transition to Retirement Pensions and Pensions.

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